Racing Optics

Designed to protect an existing windscreen from stone chips and track debris.

Available as 2 or 4 layer systems, they are simply moulded over the normal windscreen and then each layer is individually tabbed for a fast tear off during pit stops.

Designed by optical engineers, they offer no distortion and can be cleaned and prepared in exactly the same way as a normal screen.

They offer protection against stone chips and sand blasting to the screen especially if the screen is polycarbonate. Once a layer of the Racing Optics film is damaged or marked, the mechanic simply rips off a tabbed layer and the screens is once again ready for use.

Teams already using the screens are reporting major cost savings in replacement screens due to the hugely extended life of the original screen.

Touring cars, Saloon cars, Sports cars and Endurance cars are all benefiting from the windscreen protection.

This is also an ideal product for customers with their own cars on track days.