VentureShield Paint Protection is a completely transparent film produced in a kit, cut specifically to the shape of each vehicle. The front end of the vehicle is covered on all leading edges including the complete bumper, bonnet, lights and wings, an options kit is available to include side sills, mirrors, wheel arches and other key areas.

This product is considerably stronger than any of its competition. Unlike other paint protection films, it does not have a coating and the strength is throughout the film rather than just on the surface. Because of this VentureShield does not split or develop an ‘orange peel’ effect when stretched around the bodywork. It has immense ability to resist small stones and other debris, so protecting the vehicle from ‘scuffing’ and paint damage.

On Carbon Fibre bodywork, the film also acts as a guard against impact damage. The film holds the broken bodywork together and does not allow shards of carbon fibre near the driver or cross the track.

As more race teams see the huge advantages this product has over conventional ‘helicopter tape’ in strength and price, the more templates are being produced ensuring the proper kit is available.

There are over 2000 various kits available for road cars as well as racing cars. DIY kits are also available for bikes.


Substrate Thickness 6.0 mils (0.006”)
Adhesive Thickness 2.0 mils (0.002”)
Peel Adhesion (PSTC-1) 25oz / inch width
Shear Adhesion (PSTC-7) Indefinite @ 2.2 psi / 15.2 kPa
Tensile (PSTC-31) 25mm width / 506 N (31 kg)
Elongation at Break 370% 410%
Puncture Resistance (ASTM D – 1000) 18 kg 36 kg
Release Liner Polycoated Bleached Kraft 148gsm per ream
Maximum Temperature Continuous Use 212 oF / 100 oC
Minimum Application Temperature -10 oF / -23 oC
Chemical Resistance Excellent
UV Resistance 100% up to 10 Years.